• What is RISE?

    RISE is a premium membership-based air travel service for frequent travelers and those seeking to travel better.

  • What inspired the idea for RISE?

    When you think back on aviation in the glory days, air travel was wonderful and elegant. People dressed up to get on airplanes and they were treated with respect and kindness. Now people are viewed as a commodity in air travel. Flying is an arduous process further complicated by long lines, hidden fees and flight delays. RISE set out to improve and return respect to business travel by running scheduled service between highly traveled city pairs on time, every time. We want to reinvigorate the delightful experience in travel with a flat-rate monthly fee, no lines, no hassle - just an amazing experience from start to finish.

  • What is the RISE business model?

    RISE doesn’t own or operate any airplanes. We are a technology-based platform built to access underutilized resources in the private aviation sector. This proprietary platform links demand to those resources through scheduled and on-demand flights.

  • What type of aircraft does RISE use?

    RISE uses a variety of aircraft to provide our service.  For our scheduled service, we normally utilize Hawker Beechcraft King Air Turboprop aircraft.  The King Air is the most widely proliferated business aircraft in the world. For other services, such as a our RISE Anywhere offering, we choose the right aircraft to meet our members’ needs.

  • How safe are the aircraft?

    Very safe. RISE screens its operators through a rigorous screening process before ever bringing them into the RISE system. Your safety and comfort is our highest priority.  Each and every flight is carefully planned, reviewed and dispatched to insure all aspects - from aircraft maintenance readiness to crew scheduling - are 100% safety compliant.  This dedication enables you to concentrate on your time and company without the additional concern of your flight experience.

  • Who flies the aircraft?

    RISE procures our airlift from highly vetted, assessed and federally approved air carriers.  Our operating partners maintain operational control of every aspect of our planes including the pilots.  

    Our operators employ the highest quality of professional pilots.  All crewmembers undergo extensive checks and training several times per year to insure proficiency and competency.  Our Flight Crews minimums uphold a very high level of safety standards, far exceeding Federal Aviation Regulations.

    All crewmembers are employees of our operators and are a part of a specialized and dedicated division. Our operators are governed by CFR 135 and other Federal Regulations.  All of our RISE operators undergo rigorous and recurring training including the following:

    • Must maintain and establish team of full-time professional pilots

    • FAA Airline Transport Pilot qualified Captains with airline and corporate flight experience

    • Bi-Annual pilot simulator training

    • Company standard operational practices and procedures that parallel major airline standards

    • Accident free history

    • Random Department of Transportation drug testing program for all crew members

    For more information, please contact your RISE sales representative who will put you in contact with a member of our RISE operations team.


  • How is RISE revolutionizing air travel?

    Simply put...by changing everything. With RISE you will experience a world where lines don’t exist, time is no longer wasted and you’re not merely a passenger but a member of a like-minded community of successful professionals and travelers seeking to do more and be more. This is travel the way it was intended to be.

  • What makes the RISE experience special?

    RISE exists to help our members make more meaningful connections in life by giving them the most valuable commodity in the world – time. Joining RISE makes you part of an elite community of travelers that share in an exclusive and innovative approach to air travel.

  • What is the RISE experience at the airport?

    RISE flights depart from private airport terminals which means you won’t encounter any of the hassles associated with the large airports. Arrive 20 minutes before your flight, park feet from the door and receive a warm greeting from your RISE Representative before boarding the plane with a handful of other RISE members.

  • How is flying RISE different from flying private or chartering a plane?

    RISE provides a hassle-free, transparent and more affordable alternative to flying private or chartering a plane. Whether you are flying on one our regularly scheduled flights or creating your own through RISE Anywhere, RISE takes care of all the details. You just show up and go!

  • How does the RISE community work?

    Community is what makes the difference between a boarding pass and a membership. Joining RISE makes you part of an elite community of travelers, sharing in an exclusive and innovative approach to air travel. The RISE network benefits your personal and professional life well beyond the flying experience.


  • What airports does RISE fly out of?

    For RISE scheduled service, we operate from the following private terminals:

    AustinAtlantic Aviation - Austin Bergstrom

    DallasJet Aviation - Dallas Love Field

    HoustonJet Aviation - Houston Hobby

    NW Houston: David Wayne Hooks Airport - Located in Spring, TX

  • Where does RISE fly?

    Currently, RISE caters to the needs of frequent Texas travelers, offering multiple scheduled flights a day between Austin, Dallas and Houston. We’ll add more cities and flights based on member preferences and demand.

    RISE Anywhere is another option offered to members allowing them to create, crowdsource and join flights to a wide range of destinations within Texas and beyond.

  • What are your plans for expansion?

    The RISE model is unique in that we have the ability to add destinations and capacity based on member demand.  As the membership base grows and/or expresses needs and preferences for additional cities and flights, we can quickly assess and flex our model to meet that demand.


  • How can the RISE membership benefit my business team?

    RISE has yet to meet the business team that is unhappy to receive unlimited access to a private aircraft.  An obvious improvement to your team’s mobility aside, a RISE membership is a prestigious asset for a company and a coveted part of any compensation package. Since a membership can be used for both business and personal travel at no additional cost on our regularly scheduled routes, it’s the perfect enhancement to any incentive or recognition program.

  • What are the different RISE membership levels?

    RISE has individual and corporate memberships available, all which offer unlimited flights each month. The difference in the membership levels are the number of people on the account and how many reservations you can have on hold at a time.  Each reservation is equal to a one-way flight, so two reservations equal a round-trip. As soon as you use a reservation, you can book another!

  • What if I want to cancel my membership?

    RISE membership is based on the contract term.  Following the introductory 90-day membership period, you may cancel your membership with 60 days’ notice in writing, subject to any early termination fees. Learn more in our Terms of Service.

  • Can I invite someone to join me on the flight?

    Absolutely! RISE encourages our members to share the RISE Experience with friends, family, and co-workers by using our Guest Pass program.


  • How do I book flights?

    Once you become a member, you will create a secure account on the RISE member portal, allowing you to view, book, change or cancel flights in 30-seconds or less.

  • How far in advance and close in can I book a flight?

    Flights can be booked six-weeks in advance or just an hour before a flight.

  • Are there any fees for changing or canceling a flight?

    No. Being a member of RISE means you’ll never deal with annoying change fees again. We just ask that you cancel a reservation as soon as your plans change so that seat can be available for other members to book.

  • How much luggage can I bring? Are there any additional fees for bags?

    Members may bring up to 35 pounds of luggage, including a bag and a personal item. Outside measurements of baggage should not exceed linear 44 inches. There is no additional fees for bringing your bags with you.

  • What additional services are available to RISE members at the airport?

    Ideally, members won’t be spending much time in our airports — our goal at RISE is to eliminate the waiting and have you flying within minutes of arrival. However, our airports are outfitted with free Wi-Fi, snacks, beverages, bathrooms, a comfortable lobby, plenty of outlets to charge your electronic devices, free parking and a RISE Rep on site to help with any additional needs such as arranging ground transportation or even car washing services when available.

  • How does RISE handle flight delays and cancellations due to weather or other situations?

    Our first priority is always safety.  We actively monitor the weather 24-hours prior to each flight and work closely with our operators to ensure the safety of our members. Our operators have sole operational control of our flying program.  As a result, they make the operational decisions on delays or cancellations due to weather based on Federal Aviation Regulations and good, sound judgement. Our RISE Ops team works closely with the Operator to ensure that we are balancing the travel schedules of our members, while taking into account impact to flight time due to significant weather patterns and other planning factors such as operator crew duty day etc.


  • What is RISE ANYWHERE?

    RISE Anywhere enables you to create your own flight or join an existing RISE Anywhere flight to an expanded list of destinations within Texas and way beyond.

    This unique membership-only flight creation and booking tool was developed to give our members even more choice, control and options when flying RISE. By allowing you to “crowdsource” a flight you create or join one created by other members, RISE Anywhere is making this unique form of air travel more seamless, economical and accessible than ever before.

    Not a member yet? Join here!

  • How is this different than chartering an airplane?

    Chartering a plane is an expensive and cumbersome process. RISE was built around saving our members time and giving them a phenomenal travel experience. By allowing our members to crowdsource the flights they create along with setting pricing parameters, RISE ANYWHERE is truly enabling a new form of hassle-free, no obligation private travel.

  • How does RISE ANYWHERE save me time and money over other sharing services?

    RISE handles all the logistics – you just show up and go! If you don’t need all the seats, you have the option of opening it to other RISE members to help lower the flight cost. If the flight doesn’t fill up or meet your pricing requirements, you can cancel the flight outside of 24 hours without penalty.

  • How does it work?

    For existing RISE Members: RISE ANYWHERE access is included as part of your current RISE membership. Simply click the “Create a Flight” button on the membership portal to access the RISE ANYWHERE system. From there you can create a flight and decide if you want to book it entirely, share with people you know who can become RISE ANYWHERE members or open it up to the traditional RISE member community to help spread out the cost of the flight. You can also join available RISE ANYWHERE flights created by other members. For non-RISE Members: First you must create an account to become a RISE ANYWHERE member at no cost. Once you accept the Terms and Conditions and the Membership Agreement, you will be granted access to the RISE ANYWHERE flight system where you can join an existing RISE ANYWHERE flight. If you wish to create a RISE ANYWHERE flight, you will be required to pay a nominal monthly membership fee.

  • How much does it cost?

    RISE ANYWHERE access for creating and joining a flight is included as part of the existing RISE membership. Non-RISE members must become a RISE ANYWHERE member at no cost in order to create, view, and join available flights. Prices for spots on RISE ANYWHERE flights vary based on dates, destination, and capacity requirements and can be viewed by clicking on the flight details.

  • I created a flight. Now what happens?

    Once you submit a flight request, you will receive an email that will provide you with additional information. The RISE operations team will source an aircraft and respond back with final pricing and flight details within 24-hours of your submitted request. Your flight cannot be booked by those you invite or other RISE members until it has been confirmed.

  • What is the difference between approved, pending, and confirmed?

    Once a flight request has been submitted, it is “Pending” until our RISE operations team sources an aircraft to fulfill the request. Once the plane and flight details are accepted by RISE, the flight creator will receive an e-mail that the flight has been “Approved”. “Approved” means the flight is now in the system and available for booking either by invitation and/or other RISE members depending on the criteria set by the flight creator. Once the flight has met the flight creator’s criteria the flight is “Confirmed”. An e-mail will be sent to the flight creator and all other passengers on the flight. Payment will be processed at that time.

  • Who can I invite to join my RISE ANYWHERE flight?

    You can invite anyone you wish! Just keep in mind that anyone that flies with RISE must create an account and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Membership Agreement. Those you invite are not obligated to pay a membership fee to view or join the flight but payment information will be required when they set up an account so we can charge for the cost of the reservation once the flight is confirmed.

  • How will I get information about the flight I created?

    You will receive an email once your flight has been approved and is ready for booking. You can then track the progress of your flight through the RISE member portal. Once your flight has met the criteria you set, RISE will send a confirmation email. If your flight does not meet the requirements, a RISE representative will contact you to discuss next steps.

  • What happens if I need to cancel or change my flight or booking request?

    If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please contact RISE at anywhere@iflyrise.com as soon as possible. Cancellations cannot be made within 72 hours of the flight.

  • What happens to everyone else on the plane if I change or cancel a flight I created?

    All passengers on the flight will receive a notification that the flight has been canceled or changed.

  • What happens if someone else changes or cancels from my flight?

    If a member cancels their flight booking, you will receive an email notification and the flight price will be adjusted to reflect that change. You will have a chance to reassess your trip at that point. Provided the trip is still outside the final booking window, you can cancel or invite others to join. Once the flight is within 24 hours you and your colleagues are bound by the price of the flight.

  • Can I choose the plane I want for my trip?

    You bet. You may request a particular type of aircraft and, if it is available, the RISE operations team will source that aircraft for you. Prices for particular types of aircraft will vary.

  • When do I get charged?

    All parties will be charged no later than 72 hours prior to the flight to allow for RISE to confirm the aircraft.

  • How do I get charged?

    RISE will charge the credit card or bank account you have saved in your Member profile.

  • I created a flight and opened it up to other RISE members to book. Will I know who is flying with me?

    For privacy reasons, we cannot share the names of other passengers on your flight.

  • How far out/close in can I book?

    As soon as a flight is “approved” by the RISE operations team it is available for booking. You may book a RISE ANYWHERE flight up to 72 hours prior to the flight when the flight is closed and the airplane is either released or secured depending on if the flight criteria has been met or not.

  • It’s 48 hours out and my flight hasn’t filled. Now what?

    A RISE representative will contact you to discuss options pertaining to your flight. In most cases the flight may continue to be open for booking up to no later than 72 hours prior. RISE must confirm the airplanes at 72 hours prior to the flight.

  • How long can you hold the plane before the flight is cancelled due to lack of members?

    In most cases the flight can be held up to 72 hours prior.

  • How does the cost compare to commercial travel?

    Private air travel is a bit more costly however the benefits are well worth it. By crowdsourcing the flights, members save significant cost over a standard charter flight. RISE negotiates on your behalf and will get as close to a commercial fare as possible.

  • How does the flight cost / spot cost compare to private travel?

    The RISE operations team is highly skilled in sourcing safe and high quality aircraft from certified operators in the most economical methods possible. You can feel confident we will do everything we can to secure the best possible price.

  • The flight I created/joined isn’t filling up. What can I do to get more people on my flight?

    If you are the flight creator and your flight was “invitation only” we suggest reaching out to those you invited or contacting RISE to discuss opening your flight to the RISE membership base. If you were invited to join a flight and are concerned with it meeting the flight creator’s requirements, we suggest contacting the flight creator and asking if you can share with others to help fill it.

  • Why is the price significantly different between a three day trip and a four day trip?

    It costs a significant amount of money to keep an airplane parked. Charter operators will not typically let an airplane sit for more than 24 to 36 hours so the price difference is between the plane staying on the ground at your destination versus flying back to the origin. That is then reflected in the price.

  • What kind of plane is it?

    RISE will utilize a variety of aircraft to include TurboProps, Light Jets, Midsize Jets and larger. The type of aircraft booked will depend on your travel needs as well as aircraft availability and pricing.

  • As the flight creator, what am I responsible for?

    You are responsible for creating the flight and then choosing how you want it to be shared. That’s it. All the planning, coordination and other flight logistics are handled by RISE.

  • Do higher-level members (regular RISE members) receive priority or preferred access to RISE ANYWHERE flights?

    Not at this time. All RISE ANYWHERE members have the same priority and ability to access and book the available RISE ANYWHERE flights. RISE members do have the ability to be a RISE ANYWHERE Flight Creator which comes with their RISE membership.

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